Field Treatment Protocols

Field Policies

800 Index 800
801 Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Scope Of Practice
802 Advanced Emergency Medical Technician  (AEMT) Scope Of Practice
803 Paramedic Scope Of Practice
804 Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) Scope Of Practice
805 Public Safety First Aid (PSFA) Scope Of Practice
806 Unified Paramedic Optional Scope Of Practice For Qualified Transport Programs
807 COVID-19 Testing Sample Collection By EMS Personnel
808 EMS Personnel Administration of Intramuscular Influenza &/Or COVID-19 Vaccine
808-A Skills Checklist For Vaccine Administration
812 Base/Modified Base/Receiving Hospital Contact
820 Determination Of Death
823 DNR, POLST & End Of Life Option Act
823-A DNR Form
823-B POLST Form
825 Crime Scene Management
830 Suspected Child Abuse/Neglect Reporting
830-A Suspected Child Abuse Report
832 Suspected Elder/Dependent Adult Abuse Reporting
832-A Suspected Elder/Dependent Adult Abuse Report
834 Active Shooter/Mass Violence Incidents
835 Medical Control At The Scene Of An Emergency
836 Hazardous Material Incidents
837 Multiple Casualty Incidents
837-A MCI Checklist & Medical Branch Organizational Chart
837-B Prehospital Patient Tracking Worksheet
837-C MCI Support & Transportation Resources
837-D MCI Details/Feedback Form
838 Crisis Standard Of Care Procedures
838-A Crisis Standard Of Care Altered 911/EMD Triage Algorithm
838-B Crisis Standard Of Care EMS System Orders
838-C Crisis Standard Of Care Prehospital Treatment Orders
838-D Medical & Health Disaster Responsibilities By Primary Entity
839 Physician On Scene
840 Medical Control For Transfers Between Acute Care Facilities
841 Paramedic Monitoring Of Magnesium Sulfate, Nitroglycerin, Heparin, &/Or Amiodarone Infusions During IFTs
842 Paramedic Monitoring Of Blood Transfusions During IFTs
843 Paramedic Utilization Of Automatic Transport Ventilators During IFTs
844 Paramedic Utilization Of Non-Invasive High Flow Nasal Cannula During IFTs
848 Reduction/Cancellation Of ALS Response
849 Transfer Of Patient Care
850 Refusal Of EMS Care
850-A Refusal Of EMS Care Form
851 EMS Care Of Minor Patients
852 Patient Restraint Mechanisms
853 Tasered Patient Care & Transport
862 HEMS Aircraft Requesting & Utilization
883 Prohibition On Carrying Of Weapons By EMS Personnel
890 Communication Failure