Provider Agencies

400 Index 400
405 Emergency Medical Dispatch Programs
410 EMS Service Provider Permit
411 LALS And/Or ALS Provider Agency Responsibilities
414 911 Ambulance Provider Dispatch Requirements
415 911 Ambulance Response Time Criteria
416 Alternate Transport Vehicles
441 Paramedic IFT Optional Skills: Prehospital Provider Agency Application And Approval Process
441-A Paramedic IFT Optional Skills Prehospital Provider Application
442 Paramedic IFT Optional Skills: Prehospital Provider Agency Requirements And Responsibilities
450 EMS Aircraft Operations
450-A EMS Aircraft Resource Requesting Procedures Algorithm
460 Tactical Emergency Medical Services (TEMS)
460-A Tactical Casualty Care (TCC) Training Program Application
461 Auto Aid/Mutual Aid/Out-Of-Region Response
461-A EMS Personnel Limited Request For Recognition
474 AED Provider Approval/Requirements
477 BLS Optional Skills Provider Approval/Requirements