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901 EMT Certification and Recertification
901-A EMT Skills Competency Verification Form
902 AEMT Certification and Recertification
902-A AEMT Skills Competency Verification Form
903 EMT/AEMT Denial of Certification/Accreditation, Incident Investigation, Determination of Action, Notification and Administrative Hearing Process
904 EMR Certification/Recertification
904-A EMR Skills Competency Verification Form
913 Paramedic Accreditation to Practice
913-A Paramedic Employee Status Report Form
915 MICN Authorization/Reauthorization
927 EMS Incident Reporting and Investigation
927-A Prehospital Provider Incident Tracking Form
928 Paramedic Accreditation/Licensure Review Process
977 EMT Optional Skills Accreditation Requirements

Certification & Recertification Applications