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MCI - Disaster Response

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What are the criteria for an MCI in the S-SV EMS Region?

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What are the three recognized types of MCI's in the S-SV EMS Region?

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What is the correct terminology for identifying the severity of MCI patients in the S-SV EMS Region?

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Utilization of the S-SV EMS standardized patient tracking sheet is only required for incidents involving more than 20 patients?

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Which entity is responsible for overall scene management of an MCI?

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Which ICS functional area coordinates and executes strategy and tactics to achieve response objectives?

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Which entity or individual determines/assigns patient destinations during an MCI?

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What does 'RPM' stand for in relation to START Triage?

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The local County Heath Officer and LEMSA Administrator may act jointly as the Medical Health Operational Area Coordinator (MHOAC), or appoint another individual to fulfill this role?

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A patient who requires a tourniquet or hemostatic dressing to control bleeding, shall be categorized as an 'Immediate' even if their 'RPM' assessment criteria are within normal limits?

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