BLS 911 System Training


  • This course provides instruction for BLS personnel operating in the 911 system.
  • The quiz plugin for this course will not work on a mobile phone due to screen size, this course must be completed on a computer or tablet device.
  • The video presentation content below is approx. 47 minutes long. Participants will be able to play or temporarily pause the video by clicking the button in the center of the video screen. All other video controls have been disabled.
  • Participants must watch the entire video in one session as there is no ability to resume at a later time.
  • A static screen displaying a ‘Password’ and a button titled ‘QUIZ’ will be displayed at the end of the video. Participants will need to click the ‘QUIZ’ button, enter the provided password on the subsequent webpage, complete the quiz questions and enter their participant information to finish the course and receive a CE certificate (worth 1 EMS/BRN CEU).
  • Please contact us at or 916 625-1702 or with any questions.

BLS 911 System Training Video (53 Minutes)