Paramedic Initial Accreditation Application Confirmation

Your S-SV EMS Paramedic Accreditation online application has been completed, but will not be processed without successful completion of the S-SV EMS Paramedic Accreditation class and verification of the following required supporting documents:

  1. Copy of your current California State Paramedic License.
  2. Copy of your current U.S. state-issued Driver’s License or photo ID.
  3. Documentation of a minimum of five (5) ALS Contacts in the S-SV EMS Region within the previous six (6) months.
    1. This requirement may be met by the submission of copies of actual ALS patient care reports or a letter verifying successful completion of this requirement from a management/QI representative of an S-SV EMS Agency approved ALS service provider.
    2. This requirement may also be waived in one of the following circumstances:
      1. By providing documentation of five (5) ALS contacts in the S-SV EMS region during the paramedic education program field internship within the previous six (6) months; or
      2. By providing a current paramedic accreditation card from another California LEMSA.

You may email required supporting documents not uploaded with your application to, (please include your name and application type in the email subject line) or mail/deliver them to the S-SV EMS Agency Rocklin Office:

  • 535 Menlo Drive, Suite A, Rocklin, CA 95765

Note: It may take up to 7 – 10 calendar days to process your application and issue your accreditation card once all requirements are met.

If you choose to pay by Money Order ($100.00 Initial Accreditation Fee), please mail or deliver it to the S-SV EMS Agency Rocklin Office at the address listed above. If you chose to pay by Debit/Credit Card, please click the “Pay Paramedic Fee” link below and you will be forwarded to our payment page (a $4.00 electronic processing fee is automatically added when paying by debit/credit card). Please contact us if you still need to sign up to attend an accreditation class, have any questions, or need further assistance.

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