Online Continuing Education Courses Landing Page

Welcome to the S-SV EMS online continuing education (CE) course landing page. All courses are offered free of charge. Links to available courses are located at the bottom of this page. By participating in any of the S-SV EMS CE courses listed below, participants acknowledge & expressly agree to all of the following terms/conditions:

  • Participants must completely review all written & video course contents & answer all test questions to successfully complete the course & receive CE credit.
  • It is recommended that each course be completed in a single session. If you are unable to complete the course in a single session, please enter the same name & email you entered during the initial registration process to resume where you left off. Note: Data for any participant who does not finish a course within 7 calendar days of beginning the course will be deleted from the system – participants will not receive credit for incomplete courses & must start the course over from the beginning if they choose to re-take it at a later date.
  • The name, certificate/license type and certificate/license number you enter on course registration pages will be printed on the S-SV EMS CE certificate issued for that course.
  • CE certificates will not be issued immediately upon course completion. BRN/EMS CE certificates will be sent to the email entered during course registration within 14 calendar days of course completion (after verification that all course completion requirements have been met). Please ensure the email you enter on the course registration page is accurate and free from errors.
  • While the vast majority of participants are able to complete these courses without any issues, it is not possible to account for all computer, browser, security &/or internet connectivity issues. We apologize for any technical issues you may experience. If you experience technical issues, we suggest that you attempt to utilize a different computer/device/browser, or try again at a later time.
  • Please contact S-SV EMS ( or 916-625-1702) for any issues or questions you may have regarding these online CE courses.

S-SV EMS Online CE Course Links

1 CEU One Pill Can Kill (Pediatric Overdoses/Poisonings)
1.5 CEUs S-SV EMS 2022 Regional Training Module
1.5 CEUs MCI & Disaster Response
2 CEUs BLS Optional Skills (Naloxone, Epinephrine, Glucometer & i-gel airway)
2 CEUs EMS-A-Palooza: Unit 1 (Pediatric Critical Care, Stroke & Sepsis)
2 CEUs EMS-A-Palooza: Unit 2 (Trauma, Wildfire & Difficult Airways)
2 CEUs EMS-A-Palooza: Unit 3 (Street Drugs & Pharmacology)
3 CEUs S-SV EMS Mobile Intensive Care Nurse (MICN) Course